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Client Centric

As a client centric organization, we have successfully been able to offer satisfaction to our clients by offering our export products like Wrought Iron Pickets, Decorative Clip on Unit, Mild Steel Scrolls, Wrought Iron Rosettes, Decorative Wrought Iron Panels, Leaves and Flowers, Mild Steel Wire Baskets, Casting Railheads, Cast Iron Gate-Tops, Decorative Iron Flats, Decorative Iron Bars, Steel Spheres Balls, Steel Clumps, Wrought Iron Rings, Gate Tops Overthrows, stair railings, post caps, Cast Iron Square Collars, Cast Iron Round Collars, Mild Steel Turned Collars, Ornamental Iron Hardware, Wrought Iron Products, Gate Grills Parts, Gate-Grill Accessories, Wrought Iron Products & Accessories, Wrought Iron Decorative Components etc.

All our business policies and functioning is designed keeping in mind the satisfaction need of our clients. Products offered by us are quality tested at each stage of development and are made available to the clients at industry leading prices. We also welcome all types of suggestions from our client side and try to offer solutions with immediate effects.

FINEDGE INC. are exporting our products to our clients in international market like USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Holland and Gulf Countries (Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Israel, Yemen, Egypt, Greece, U.A.E. & Kuwait), Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, Chile etc.
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german cert iso 9001:2008 FINEDGE INC. are the ISO 9001:2008 quality certified, Indian exporters and manufacturers of wrought iron products, ornamental iron hardware, mild steel gate grills components and gate grills hardware parts, railing and fencing parts, ironwork fencing accessory & gate decorative accessories in India.